Business Central Online

Configuring the Business Central connector

  1. Open the Work 365 Integrations area by navigating to Administration → Admin Hub → Integrations → Add new
  2. Find the Business Central connector under the Accounting Systems area and click the Create button.
  3. Specify a name for the connector and click the Save button.
  4. Reopen the connector page and click the Configure button to complete the consent flow for Business Central


Ensure that the consent flow is completed in the context of the integration user account designation for integration between Work 365 & Business Central.


The integration between Work365 and BC breaks every time there is a new release by Microsoft. The consent needs to be run again to reconnect.

  1. Upon completion of the consent flow, close and reopen the connector.


An error maybe presented during the final stages of consent completion. This is a known issue and can be ignored.

  1. Populate the remaining fields on the connector, then click the Save button to complete the Business Central connector setup.

General Section

NameName to uniquely identify this connector
EnvironmentThe Business Central Online environment to which this connector will be attached.
Refresh TokenAutomatically filled in upon completion of the consent flow
Refresh Token ExpiresAutomatically filled in upon completion of the consent flow


Tenant IdThe id of the Business Central tenant to which this connector is attached. In the Business Central environment, click on Help & About, then scroll down until Report a problem - the tenant-id is shown there as Azure AD Tenant
Business Central Company ConnectionThe Company in Business Central to which this connector is attached
Default Unit of MeasureUnit of measure to apply when creating invoice lines and products. Select a unit of measure that is most widely used in the selected Business Central company
Default Tax Group CodeTax Group Code applied when creating invoice line items.
This setting applies only for environments in Unites States region.
For environments outside United States, select 'Disable taxes'
Default Write-In productPlaceholder product used in Business Central when Work 365 invoice lines do not have a product attached.
Use Dynamics 365 Invoice Number 1If Yes, uses the Invoice ID field in Work 365 as the invoice number in Business Central. If No, default Business Central numbering scheme is used.

1 If choosing Yes, manual number series must be enabled in Business Central for Sales Invoices. This can be achieved by searching for No. series in the global search and then enabling Manual Nos. (middle column) on the resulting page.