Agreement Templates

An Agreement Template represents an Agreement Type.

Use an Agreement Template to identify names and version tracking for a specific Agreement Type.

Fields on Agreement Template

Field NameDisplay NameDescription
work365_agreementtemplate_nameNameTemplate Name
work365_agreementtemplate_nameTemplate IdAn Identifier or Unique Number. For Microsoft Agreements use the specific number
work365_agreementtemplate_effectivedateEffective DateDate from which Template is effective
work365_agreementtemplate_versionVersionVersion Number of the Template
work365_agreementtemplate_expiresonExpires OnExpires On
work365_agreementtemplate_agreementlinkAgreement LinkHyperlink to the agreement contents. This can be a link to a file or a webpage. This link (or file) is displayed on the self-service portal for the end-user to review before they accept the agreement.
work365_agreementtemplate_providerProviderProvider this Template applies to
work365_agreementtemplate_displayinlineportalDisplay Inline on PortalDisplay Inline on Portal
work365_agreementtemplate_portalinstructionsPortal InstructionsNote that will display on portal for the self service user