Business Metrics

My Work 365 Page presents key metrics and visualizations to facilitate a clear understanding to track performance, to identify areas for improvement, and to make strategic decisions.

  • Billing Contracts: This metric displays the number of Billing Contracts Consumed from the Billing Contracts to which a customer is entitled.
  • Work 365 license Expiration Date: Expiration Date of License.
  • Number of Customers: The number of active accounts with an active billing relationship as of the current month, providing a snapshot of the company's customer base and growth trends.
  • Seat Count: This represents the total number of licenses. It is the sum of the quantities of subscriptions that are not usage-based.
  • MRC: Monthly Recurring Cost derived from Active Billing Contract for the month. This does not include Active Billing Contracts that have not started.
  • MRR: "MRR" represents the Monthly Recurring Revenue derived from active billing contracts. This metric takes into account the recurring revenue from all active contracts.
  • Gross Margin %:This metric reveals the company's gross margin percentage, indicating the profitability of the subscription business after accounting for costs.


  • Revenue vs. Cost Comparison Chart: The chart provides a visual representation of the revenue and cost comparison over the past 12 months. Data for this chart is pulled from invoices, helping us analyze historical financial trends.
  • ↓ Tool Tip (Data Comparison):The ↓ tool tip is a helpful feature that allows you to compare the current month's data with the previous month. Tracking performance over time enables to spot trends and assess progress.
  • Top Customers (By ACV USD): This section highlights the top 5 customers based on Annual Contract Value (ACV) in USD. Knowing the highest-value customers is essential for nurturing key accounts and focusing on customer success initiatives.
  • Top Products (Subscription Seat Count): This visualization showcases the most-purchased products based on subscription seat count. Understanding popular products helps the company tailor offerings to meet customer preferences and market demands.

Gross Margin and MRC Example:

In certain scenarios, the Gross Margin metric may display "n/a" when the Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRC) derived from all active billing contracts is 0. Let's take a look at an example below:

It's essential to keep in mind that Gross Margin is a valuable measure of profitability and cost efficiency when revenue is being generated from active billing contracts. In situations where there is no revenue for a particular period, the "n/a" display ensures transparency by indicating that the Gross Margin calculation is not applicable.