Overview - Self Service Portal

This article will help you to understand all the features and options available on your Self-Service Portal, so you can easily manage your account and services with Work 365

The Work 365 Self-Service Portal is a web-based platform designed to help customers manage their accounts and services within the Work 365 ecosystem.

The Work 365 Portal Application is an Add-on to the Customer Self-Service Portal in Dynamics CRM.

This platform provides customers with a variety of features that allow them to easily access and manage their information, such as:

What Self-Service Portal Includes?

Consumption and Usage

Customers can view consumption and usage data from Azure.

Share license keys, renewal dates, and versions of software or licenses that they have procured from you to reduce the burden on sales and service.

Manage Services

Allow customers to view, modify, and manage subscriptions, licenses, and services that they have purchased. These subscriptions can be automatically provisioned by our provisioning engine.

Invoice History

They can view Billing History, Download Invoices, and View Payment Status.


View and Share Customer Agreements that they can accept.

If you are Using Customer Service App:

Document Sharing

Keep a central repository of documents such as SOWs, NDAs, and Microsoft Cloud Agreements (MCA). Reduce the email clutter and silos of information.


Create a community. Customers can register, join the conversations, and network with other members.

Knowledge Base

Customers can find documentation and information related to applications, services, and licenses that they have purchased. Agents and solution experts can collaborate to create these content articles. Establish your authority and get more inbound leads by enabling SEO.

Support and Incidents

Enable your customers to submit tickets. The portal surfaces relevant knowledge base and help articles. This empowers and educates customers and reduces case volume. Case Management is integrated with Dynamics 365. Manage the status and life-cycle of support and incidents.

Update Profile and Company Information

Customers can update personal and business information. Contact information, systems they use, interest areas, and communication methods. Stay current with all the relevant information that is needed to service them and know them better.


This Self-Service Portal is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it simple for customers to access and manage their information.