Change my CRM URL

This article describes how to properly change the URL on your CRM


Performing this setup requires the following:

  • A user with System Admin privileges on the tenant

Time required

The setup process is expected to take approximately 15 minutes in total

Additional Notes


Making a change in your Tenant URL will require to update your Work 365 License - Contact Support for more information


  1. With your System Admin user go to: and click on 'Environments'
  1. Click on the Environment name you whish to change, you will be able to the 'edit' option
  1. Once clicked on edit you will see a form will open on the left side where you can update the name and URL
  1. You can type in the name and URL that you want to use, for the URL system will check whether the typed-in URL is available or not. If available you can proceed and Save.


Your CRM URL has been updated