Billing Automation

Primary Billing Contact field must be populated to send the invoice from Work 365.


Additional invoice recipients can be added to the Secondary Billing Contact as well as the Additional invoice recipients fields.

Within the Billing Automation section of the Billing Contract, the Auto Send feature must be set to yes for generated invoices to be sent from Work 365.

Auto Sync InvoiceYesInvoice will be sent to Accounting System.
Auto Send InvoiceYesInvoice is sent to the Primary Billing Contact, Secondary Billing Contact, Additional Recipients and to any recipients mentioned in the cc fields on the email template.
Email Template[Auto Send Invoice]The email template used to send the invoice.
Auto ChargeYesCharges the invoice automatically
Payment Processor
Payment ProfileThis is the Payment profile used when Auto-charge is Yes. Also the default Payment Profile for invoices generated against this invoice