System Management

There are areas in the application that need monitoring to ensure the data and the automation is running as expected.


Healthy system results in Peace of Mind with Billing.

System Management includes the following areas monitoring certain areas on a routine and regular basis.

Work 365 Jobs

Work 365 jobs are backend processes that are initiated either through a schedule or an event. These processes allow Work 365 to perform tasks that would otherwise be manual. Jobs can have a variety of purposes bases on settings and task requirements but contribute to the overall functionality of the application.

Subscription Data

Subscriptions are products or services which are billed in Work 365 on a recurring basis. Maintaining subscription data is important to the billing process as it impacts invoices which will be auto-generated by the system. This includes the data from subscriptions such as the usage data, license quantities, pricing, and terms of the subscription. Subscriptions are linked in several places including billing contracts, provider invoices, and customer invoices.

License Change Log Data

License change logs record subscription change events. License Change Logs should not be deleted or deactivated The effective date and pricing listed on these change logs will impact the proration calculation during the invoice generation process.

Provider Invoice Import

For certain Automatic Provider invoices are automatically synced on a schedule. These invoices must have a status of “Active” to be imported. The Provider Invoice import is required to invoice for Azure consumption. There are instances when the backend process will fail to import the Provider Invoices. These provider invoices must be reviewed and actioned manually with overrides.

The Dashboards Overview and Reporting Overview areas of the application can be used to manage System health and operational aspects of the application.

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