List of errors and warnings in Work 365.


❗️ refused to connect

This error is displayed when the Work 365 application is unable to retrieve the credentials from Azure Active Directory. This may be caused by the browser blocking third-party cookies or when the user is logged into Azure Active Directory using multiple identities.

Open the billing contract list and click the Work 365 button in the ribbon to open the popup screen. This should force authentication and selection of an identity, in case of multiple active identities. Close the popup window without clicking the Proceed button and retry your original action. If this does not work, ensure that third-party cookies are enabled on the browser (most browsers will disable third-party cookies in Incognito / InPrivate modes).


We couldn't sign you in. Please try again.

Refer refused to connect for details.


Not receiving Work 365 emails

Customers may complain that emails sent from Work 365 are not being received or are being quarantined or marked as spam/junk. This occurs because of a missing or misaligned email configuration in Work 365. In order to send emails that are successfully received by the third party, partners must 'authorize' Work 365 to send emails on behalf of their email domain. The steps to complete this process are outlined here.

Billing Contracts


Error loading Language field

This error occurs when the page is unable to retrieve the list of available languages from the Work 365 API. This is typically caused due to expired or invalid credentials and may occur when the user that installed Work 365 is deactivated or when Work 365 is restored from one environment into another (eg: production to sandbox).

Check the status of the "Work 365 Supported Languages" action under "Process Center → Processes" in Dynamics CRM. If this action is disabled, enable it. Check the Owner of this action and ensure that the owner is active and has a valid Dynamics 365 license associated. If the issue still persists, delete the API configuration record and re-run the upgrade process to reinitialize the credentials.

Accounting Systems


Error! An error occurred while retrieving product classes from accounting connection: You have entered an invalid email address or password. Please try again

This error is usually seen on the NetSuite connector and is caused by incorrect credentials. Open the connector configuration page and re-enter the correct credentials and then hit save. Confirm the issue is resolved by linking an example account or invoice.


Error! Write-In Product is either not specified or incorrect for QuickBooks Online. Please set the correct write-in product in the connector settings and try again, CoRelationid:0000-0000-0000-0000

This error appears when trying to link an invoice with Quick Books Accounting system and the invoice has lines that have a "Write-In" product specified. The recommended approach is to ensure that invoice lines always have product linked to them. However, in the case where this is not an option, ensure that a place holder write-in product exists in QuickBooks and that product is specified on the "Write-In Product" field on QuickBooks connector page. Refer this article .



Error! Error while querying Dynamics. Code: -000000000 Message: Principal user (Id=0000 type=& roleCount=1, privilegeCount=111, accessMode=0, MetadataCachePrivilegesCount=11111, businessUnitid=-0000), is missing proReadwork 365 incentiveearnings privilege (Id=0000) on OTC-00000 for entity work365 incentiveearnings (Localized Name Incentiver Earnings) in Business Unit X.Y.Z (Id=0000) context.Caller 0000. Inner Fault Has Inner Fault.

The Work 365 user cannot generate an invoice for the billing contract because the owner of the billing contract is an inactive user or there are subscriptions on this contract that have active incentive plans associated with an inactive user.

To resolve this issue, the user should either:

  • Change the owner of the billing contract to an active user.
  • Deactivate the active incentive plans for the inactive user.


Warning! process completed successfully but an invoice was not generated because no active billable subscriptions, non recurring items or time logs were found for the given cycle. You may close the this window.

This message is shown when an invoice generation attempt is made and no billable items are present. For example, a billing contract that has subscriptions starting in the future may show this warning. Review your data and retry the operation.


One or more previous billing schedules have not been invoiced. Please generate invoice for earlier schedules and retry

If there are any prior missing billing schedules on the billing contract, and there are active billable license change logs from that time period, the system will not be able to generate a change log invoice. For an automatic change log invoice run, this message would be provided via the Invoicing Run Report either by email or directly in the application under 'Invoice Run Report'. to fix these data issue refer change log invoice errors

Provider Invoice


Handle unresolved references on the Work 365 Provider Invoice

When specific records exist in a provider’s portal that do not exist in Work 365, and these records cannot be synced automatically, Work 365 will create an unresolved reference for that record on the Provider invoice which may prevent it from syncing to Work 365. An errors.csv file will list references which must be resolved in order for the import process to completed. Follow the steps in article handle unresolved references on the Work 365 Provider Invoice


Checksum error on the Provider Invoice

If the totals of the usage and license summary does not match the total in the header, the system will reject the Provider Invoice from syncing and will give a checksum error. Refer article Reasons for the CheckSum error on the Provider Invoice


This entity is currently being deleted as part of an asynchronous cascade delete job. Please wait for the asynchronous job to complete before attempting to delete.

This error shows when deleting Azure Invoice. When an Azure invoice is deleted all the Usage Summary records, and all usage detail records for legacy Azure subscriptions, linked to the invoice have to be unlinked and updated as “Active” or billable again. Dynamics has to complete this action within a 2 minute time period or it errors out. Essentially, if there are too many usage summary records which have to be updated but cannot be processed in the 2 minute time period an invoice would fail to delete. Subsequently, any additional attempts at deleting an Azure invoice will results in the same error. To resolve this issue please Follow the steps in this article article

Subscription Sync Report


Error: Price list matching the following criteria is not available for provider='Microsoft Partner Centre - Asia', market='Singapore' and segment='COMMERCIAL'.

This happens when currency on price list is not matching with the currency on provider. To fix this, update currency on Price list to match the currency on Provider or vice-versa.

Payment Profile


Error! There isn't an active Payment profile for this account. Add one and try again.

This error shows up when the Payment Profile is not active for Account. Follow steps to create Payment Profile

Synching Subscriptions


Failed to Sync Subscription, Input String was not in a correct format