General FAQ

Architecture and Security

Work 365 is a Power Application that is integrated with the Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise App.

We leverage the Microsoft security model and support the robust security protocols provided by Microsoft Cloud. This article FAQ-Architecture and Security contains more details.

Getting Started with Work 365

Our team will want to know about how you are currently doing things. Having answers to questions like how you currently invoice, where you provision your services and the volume of data will help with your implementation. You have probably seen a demo of the application. However, to make this partnership truly successful its very important that you also share your processes, systems, and the how your data is structured. All this is very helpful during implementation. This article FAQ-Getting Started contains more details.

Implementation and Onboarding

Work 365 will impact a few of your most important business processes. Most of our users save a lot of time, however some also spend more time than before, because of the power for having all your data available to your entire team. One of the first steps in implementing Work 365 is setting up your product catalog. A well defined product catalog with pricing helps with a clear go to market strategy along with the ability to invoice your customers accurately. This article FAQ-Implementation contains more details .

Support Post Implementation

Once you have graduated you will be working with a dedicated Customer Success Manager. This person supports many users like you. Your Implementation consultant will provide a hand over to the CSM team who you will be working with for the duration of your relationship with us. This article FAQ-Support and Post Go-Live contains more details

Billing and Contractual Stuff

Your contract/order form and renewal information will be provided to you by Sales consultant. If you are renewing your contract our billing team will provide you with a renewal order form after your consultation with your Customer Success Manager. This article FAQ-Billing Contractual contains more details

Here is a poem for you!

Work 365 blossoms, and its services glow.
A beacon for partners in the Microsoft sphere,
We streamline your billing and bring your client care near.

Monthly or annually, licenses find their place,
In the ledger’s embrace, with seamless grace.
Advance or Arrears shouldn’t make you pale
Each invoice it crafts tells a clear, structured tale.

From Dynamics to Office, it aligns with your needs,
Scaling your success with technology seeds.
It speaks in the tongue of Azure's wide billing sea,
And whispers in code, "Leave the numbers to me."

Around the globe, the hours matter not,
For Work 365’s working, without a second thought.
Synching your Subscriptions day and night
Till all your revenue looks just right!

So, here’s to a partnership that brightens our days,
Into the future we want you to gaze
For everything that is 365
We're here for you at Work 365

P.S: If you find formatting errors we apologize please let us know. If you think the answers are wrong sorry this was all written by Chat GPT. If you have burning question that we haven not thought about - yes we are hiring please join our team!