Preparing for the Self-Service Portal Setup

This article provides the steps to provision a Dynamics 365 Self-Service Portal


Performing this provisioning will require the following:

  • A user with System Admin or System Customizer privileges on the tenant

Time required

The provisioning process is expected to take 30 minutes

Additional Notes


Make sure you have access to the correct environment before proceeding with this setup. DO NOT use the 'Default' environment.


This step it's only requiered if you are willing to provide access to your tenant.


  1. Confirming you do not have an existing portal

We need to confirm that you do not have an existing Self-Service Portal using the video here:

  1. Creating a User in Your Dynamics Environment


Skip this step If you already created a Work 365 Support user

We highly recommend that you create a user in your Dynamics environment for us to make the process easier for your team.

User Information
User iotapsupport@<yourdomain>.com
License Dynamics 365 Sales, Field Service and Customer Service Parnter Sandbox
User Role System Administrator*

*The System Administrator Role in CRM could be temporally just for setup purposes


In case if you want to know how to assign this User Role, please follow this article:

Once the user is created please email [email protected] with the following information:

Support Information
Subject <Your company name> Support alias
URL <Your Dynamics 365 environment URL>
User Name iotapsupport@<yourdomain>.com
Password **************


Make sure there are no geographical restrictions and do not set MFA โ€“ we will configure MFA

[email protected] is a secure email that purges the credentials immediately. We only access the credentials through a password vault. Please do not copy any other emails directly with the credentials. Instead, let us know in a separate email when you have sent those credentials.

  1. Self-Service Portal Notifications

Work 365 Portal Notification solution provides automated flows that can drive notifications for events triggered via the Portal. If you want to enable this optional feature in your Self-Service Portal you need to provide the following:

User Information
User portalnotifications@<yourdomain>.com
License Microsoft Exchange E3
User Role Customer Service Representative
Receiver Email Email address of an internal user or Distribution list
Sender Email This email address will be used as the sender for all the email notifications*

*Sender Email will be as default your provided account. If the email address provided here is different from the email address you'd like to use it needs to have โ€˜Send Asโ€™ permissions on this email address/mailbox.