Configuring the MYOB connector

  1. Open the Work 365 Integrations area by navigating to Administration → Admin Hub → Integrations → Add new
  2. Find the MYOB connector under the Accounting Systems area and click the Create button.
  3. Specify a name for the connector and click the Save button.
  4. Reopen the connector page and click the Configure button to complete the consent flow for MYOB
  5. Upon completion of the consent flow, close and reopen the connector.
  6. Populate the remaining fields on the connector, then click the Save button to complete the MYOB connector setup.

General Section

NameName to uniquely identify this connector
EnvironmentSelect Production for this field.
Refresh TokenAutomatically filled in upon completion of the consent flow
Refresh Token ExpiresAutomatically filled in upon completion of the consent flow

Properties Section

MYOB CompanyReference to the MYOB company to which this connector is attached
Default Income AccountIncome account to which new products are attached
Default Tax CodeTax code applied when creating new customers or products
Apply Taxesif Yes, apply the tax settings in Work 365 when creating invoices in MYOB
Download Pdf Invoiceif Yes, downloads and attaches a PDF copy of the invoice from MYOB to the associated Work 365 invoice
Default Unit of MeasureUnit of measure used when creating new products
Default Price ListPrice list used when creating new products