Setup (Manual Process)

This article provides the steps to get started with your Work 365 Self-Service Portal setup process


Performing this setup will require the following:

  • Work 365 Core App previously Installed
  • A user with System Admin privileges on tenant
  • A user with Azure AD Admin privileges on tenant

Time required

The whole setup process will take approximately 3-5 hours.

Additional Notes

This article will cover the setup from Work 365 Manually. If you want to use the Onboarding App, please follow this article - Self-Service Portal Setup


Work 365 Solution is supported ONLY on the PowerApps Customer Self-Service portal. The Work 365 Self-Service portal is not supported on other Portal Solutions


  1. Preparing for the Self-Service Portal Setup SSP-Preparation
  2. Provision a Self-Service Portal using these instructions - SSP-Provision
  3. Setup Entra ID to sign in Using Office 365 Credentials SSP - Entra ID Login
  4. Setup Entra ID to Manage their Licenses SSP - Entra ID to Manage Licenses
  5. Install the Work 365 Portal Solution SSP - Install Solution (Manual Process)
  6. Configure Azure AD to View Azure Consumption SSP- Azure Usage
  7. Branding your Work 365 Self-Service Portal SSP - Branding (Manual Process)
  8. Make your portal visible for your clients SSP- Private to Public
  9. Add the Portal to Work 365 SSP - Configure Portal in Admin Hub
  10. Running your Self-Service Portal for the first time SSP- Running for the first time
  11. Setting up your custom Domain (Optional) SSP- Setting up your Custom domain
  12. Setting up Self-Service Portal Notifications (Optional) SSP - Notifications Setup


Your Self-Service Portal is ready for usage