Product Service

Product Service - Configuration Settings

Before enabling the automatic sync for the product service, go to Work 365 > Administration > Admin Hub > Product Service.

Provider Selection (DEPRECATED) - DO NOT USE- these SETTINGS

Add or Update Products Settings:

  • Create Products: determines whether products can automatically be created.
    Recommended value is Yes.
  • Update Automatic Provider On Products
    • Default Provider For Crayon (Will appear only if you have the Crayon Provider)
    • Default Provider For Microsoft Partner Center (Will appear only if you have the Microsoft Provider)
    • Default Provider For TechData (Will appear only if you have the TechData Provider)
    • Recommendation is to Set to No
  • Update Products: determines whether product pricing can automatically be updated if no price is populated yet. Recommended value is Yes.
  • Reference Currency: Applicable to environments where the default currency of the Dynamics instance is not one of the supported currencies for Microsoft billing. This setting will convert the Microsoft billed currency, into the reference (default) currency of the system.
    • Recommended value is the base currency of the system
  • Product ID: The value for this setting will populate the Product ID field of the product record which is automatically created by the product service.
    Recommended value is AlternateId (ideal for accounting integration)
    For legacy skus this will use the Material ID from the Microsoft Price list
    For NCE skus this will use the Provider Part Number based on the Microsoft Price list.